Our Administrators

Rabbi Zalmen Deutscher

Founder and Dean of Yeshiva Primary.

He has a vision to help all Jewish children and especially those from immigrant families to receive a Jewish education. He builds a bond with every student along with his/her family and his philosophy is to educate them as he would his own children. He accepts students from all different backgrounds, including students who are coming from public school, and introduces them to their beautiful Jewish heritage. The students love to share their accomplishments with Rabbi Deutscher.





Mrs. Judy Klein

Limudei Kodesh and General Studies Principal.

She brings years of experience as a menahel/principal. She brings her scholastic expertise along with a strong love and dedication for each child to help them to reach their potential. She makes sure students receive an outstanding secular education covering common core standards and much more, while also receiving a strong beautiful Jewish education. Students in this school develop a deep connection and love of Yiddishkeit through the bond they build with Mrs. Klein. 







Dr. Ann Douglas

Assistant General Studies Principal.

She is an outstanding educator who uses her talents to educate and inspire her students. Dr. Douglas is well respected and known for her dedication to her students’ education. She amply prepares students for high school and their future academic pursuits.