About Us


The goal of Yeshiva Primary is to educate and inspire students equipping them with the skills they need for high school, college and beyond. So many Yeshiva Primary students go on to attend prestigious yeshiva high schools, colleges, and graduate programs. They also develop an appreciation and love of Judaism as they go on to build beautiful Jewish families for Klal Yisrael. Graduates include doctors, lawyers, businessmen, rabbis, teachers, and other professionals.  

Rabbi Deutscher’s philosophy of kiruv is two-fold. Look at each child as an individual not as a number. Don’t worry about their ruchniyus. Instead, love the child. First worry about their physical well-being, then you can win their ruchniyus. The teachers in limudei kodesh and secular studies are dedicated professionals who bring academic excellence and warmth and caring to their students.


Students do research in areas of interest that culminates in an impressive science fair presentation.

Students learn the scientific method and how to conduct experiments.


Students learn state of the art technology skills that will equip them with the skills they need for today’s highly competitive technological market.

Writer’s Workshop Program

We all know how important writing is for our students’ future academic careers and in any profession they choose to pursue.  Yeshiva Primary instituted a writer’s workshop program based on the philosophy of Columbia University Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project.  Under the direction of Mrs. Susie Garber and Dr. Ann Douglas, Yeshiva Primary students segue through the writing process as they cover many genres. Students develop a love of writing and confidence as they sharpen their writing and grammar skills. The program culminates in a school wide author celebration where students share their published work in their writing portfolios at an author tea.


Students are encouraged to participate in our weekly physical education class as it is important not only to exercise our mental health when studying but also our physical health as well. Research has shown that physical educational programs help students succeed in life and that is what we aim to achieve: successful students. 


Our Art program has been instituted to help students develop and promote their artistic talents as they draw and produce their own masterpieces through different media: pencils, paint and oil pastels to name a few.


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Our aim is to continue to provide a dynamic, supportive environment that recognizes the rich unique abilities and ambitions of all students and offers both the opportunity and skills to become lifetime learners, responsible citizens, and leaders of tomorrow. Our environment is one that develops self esteem and self motivation. We strive to provide every opportunity for maximum student achievement and to recognize and stimulate special talents in all students. Our educational environment and the teaching strategies are designed to meet the goals and objectives of a strong curriculum.

History of Yeshiva Primary

The school began in 1969 in Ozone Park, Queens. The goal then and now was to take children from public schools and to provide them with a thorough grounding in Yiddishkeit as well as an outstanding secular education.  In 1982, HaRav Ovadia Yosef zt”l, visited the school.

 Throughout the years Rabbi Deutscher kept up a close relationship with the students and parents. In 1985, the school relocated to Flushing and became  Yeshiva Institute.  When there was no space capacity to accept anymore students, he confided in Rabbi Wolowitz and he took the measures necessary to begin a new school to help Rabbi Deutscher. Torah Academy of Queens opened and welcomed any unaffiliated Jewish child. In 2003, Rabbi Deutscher’s school moved to its present location in Hollis Hills, Queens and was renamed Yeshiva Primary. Under the leadership of the Dean and Founder, Rabbi Deutscher, the school’s longtime beloved Principal, Mrs. Judy Klein, and the devoted staff, the yeshiva continues to offer each student an inspiring Jewish education and an outstanding secular education as well. Dr. Ann Douglas directs the language arts program which is also outstanding. The school also offers many support services through the board of education, a science program and a writing workshop program under the direction of Mrs. Susie Garber.

On the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the school, Assemblyman David Weprin presented a proclamation plaque to Rabbi Deutscher which said the following:

Since its inception in 1969, under the leadership of Rabbi Deutscher, Yeshiva Primary has been a constant source of inspiration and renewal for thousands of young children and their families in Eastern Queens.  Through the progress of their mechina program, Yeshiva Primary has successfully provided a smooth transition for their public-school students to better adjust them to a yeshiva curriculum, so that they can become our future leaders. Your tireless dedication to cultural awareness, Jewish education and commitment for all children, regardless of their backgrounds and cultures, deserve our highest respect and gratitude…”